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Stress, Emotions & Nervous System Workshop



We need to look at our body's red alerts as gracious gifts that allow us to see what we need.

Some red alerts of your nervous system telling you that you're "at capacity" for stress include:

pain, headaches, tension, hormone imbalance, weight gain, sleep issues, depression, thyroid dysfunction, and more.

When we don't address the effect stress has on our body, we can get stuck in survival mode or, even worse, go into shut down.

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Your body is a good body. All of the physiological functions and intricate workings in you were designed perfectly.


Your body is not messing up or broken when you have physical 'problems'. These are alerts that your body is designed to give you to tell you that your nervous system is reaching its limit and you need to press the pause or reset button.


But we all know, it's just not that simple, right? And it's almost impossible to minimize stress and difficult emotions in our life. So how can we deal? How can we live a full life and not just walk around on fire or burned out all the time?


In this Workshop you will learn about how stress and emotions affect our physical health.



If your body is in survival mode...

it cannot heal.


Let's take care of you.


In this workshop, I give you a practical understanding of how to walk in rhythms of rest and ways to restore your nervous system.

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