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I know you are tired of...

  • feeling like you are wasting your time working out and taking care of your health
  • being overwhelmed with health advice¬†
  • getting hurt or not feeling good from your HIIT or bootcamp style workouts
  • doing random workouts you find on the internet
  • not seeing results from all that you're doing
  • feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated to workout or take care of yourself
  • feeling like you are going at it alone¬†- YOU need to be cared for too!


I'm here to help!
Hey there!

I'm Lauren.

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I am so thankful you’re here! It gives me great joy to help and encourage people with their life & health!

My workout programs are set up to give you a gentle, restorative but still powerful way to strengthen your entire body and help you feel GREAT rather than beat up.

With my particular progressive method you will find PURPOSE IN YOUR WORKOUTS.

And through all of my coaching, I offer simple yet effective methods of holistic health stewardship that remove the overwhelm and bombardment of health advice and enables you to FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS IN LIFE.

Come, check it out!

"I have really appreciated Lauren's expertise as she leads you through the program. She teaches you what to avoid and why and helps you see what proper form is to avoid getting hurt. This program has helped me get in shape after having a baby and then a year later having a hysterectomy. I have been able to strengthen my core in a safe and wise way. I look forward to continuing my work with Lauren and am so appreciative that she has worked so hard to create a great online program."


"Lauren is amazing! She can work with anyone no matter your gender, age or any issues you might have (pregnant, knee, shoulder, joint pain/injury). I've taking Pilates from Lauren since 2010. Trust me she will get you in shape and transform your body to be powerful!"

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Simplify your health so you can thrive.

I can help you get started, get clarity, and get moving. 

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"I have been doing an online Pilates program with Lauren for a couple of months now and I have loved it so much! I feel stronger, and I appreciate her attention to details such as breathing and positioning as she walks through the class. This is especially helpful since I am not attending an in-person class. I look forward to continuing with her!"


"I love Lauren!! She has taught me so much in just a little amount of time! After 10 classes I can already see changes in my abs, legs, back side and feel so much more aligned and in tune with my body. I have worked out for 25+ years with weights, running, spin, cross fit....you name it I’ve done it and nothing compares to Pilates with Lauren! If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and try it out!! You will love it!!!"






Olive trees are resilient. Thanks to their sturdy and extensive root system, they are resistant to drought, disease, and fire. This robust root system is capable of regenerating the tree EVEN IF the above-ground structure is destroyed.

 This is my hope for you!

I believe that Pilates and holistic health stewardship allows the roots of our health to dig deep and grow stronger, allowing us to flourish in health and in life.


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