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It's hard to find a workout that FITS YOU!


ūüÜá You¬†shouldn't feel like you're¬†wasting your time doing incessant squats and burpees.

ūüÜá You don't need to keep wearing your body out with HIIT or bootcamp style workouts instead of building yourself up.

ūüÜá You¬†shouldn't have to question¬†whether your workouts are effective or not.

ūüÜá And you¬†don't need to be overwhelmed¬†and obsessed with working out in order to¬†take care of yourself well.

Simple. Sustainable. Strength.

Get Stronger With Me!

Highly-effective workouts for EVERYONE. 


‚úď You need¬†workouts¬†that¬†are effective for YOU and can help your whole body (and mind) get stronger. Every little muscle matters.

‚úď You need workouts that are anatomically and physiologically CORRECT.

‚úď You need low-impact but challenging, full-body workouts that you finish feeling BETTER and BUILT UP.

‚úď You need progressive workouts so that you don't plateau and that lead to clear results of¬†functional strength.

‚úď You need workouts that aren't obsessive¬†but rather holistically-minded and focused on stewardship.

‚úď You need workouts that are made for YOUR body. YOUR needs. YOUR goals.¬†





The Olive Tree Pilates Signature Method starts wherever you are at (no matter what level) and carefully leads you, step by step, to get stronger through repetition of movement patterns and careful progressive variations. Each workout builds on each other and therefore allows you to progress (that you'll see AND feel) rather than just doing random exercises and random workouts.

Random workouts = RANDOM results

Progressive workouts = PROGRESSIVE RESULTS!




Joseph Pilates originally created this method of exercise for the rehabilitation of internment camp victims, using his deep knowledge of the body to strengthen the muscles and joints in the way they were DESIGNED to function. Careful attention to anatomy and physiology is utilized in each workout to open tight areas and strengthen weak areas. Meticulously designed workouts for meticulously designed people.

Precision programming = PRECISE RESULTS!


The OTP Method will strengthen your whole body in every workout. We will build up and strengthen the large muscles and even the smallest of muscles (that you don't even know you have!), which in turn strengthens the ligaments and joints and gives fluidity to the fascia as well.

And threading holistically-minded principles like the power of your breath through each workout also gives an additional "oomph" to your strength.

Purposeful workouts = PURPOSEFUL RESULTS!



Choose Where You Start.

Foundational Pilates


The Foundational Program will take you through the basics of Pilates and functional movement. You will find gentle progressions and helpful modifications available in this level.

Great for beginners (And long-time Pilates clients! It's always good to repeat the basics!) or anyone who might have injuries, special conditions or restrictions in movement!



Intermediate Pilates


The Intermediate Program will start with the basics of Pilates and progressively build on each workout. You will get stronger and feel such a difference with these full-body, methodical workouts!

This is where most people start if you are ready to be challenged and do not have any injuries, special conditions or movement restrictions!



Breathe & Release Movement


The Breathe & Release program incorporates mobility, stretching, fascial release (foam rolling) and other restorative and gentle movement sessions. A wonderful way to help release tension, relieve stress, take care of your body and give you some rest and recovery.

Great for beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced clients.



TRX Pilates Suspension


The Suspension Training Program offers you INTENSE but FUN training using a suspension apparatus (like the TRX).

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to do Pilates!

These workouts are SO challenging and utilize the same Pilates principles we all love!

 Best for Intermediate & Advanced clients.




You can have access to all the libraries with an

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All Access Workout Membership


All Workout Program Libraries are included with the All Access Membership PLUS the Live Mat Class Recordings. 

You will LOVE having all access to the variety I offer in each of my programs.

Choose whatever workout you need... Maybe you need something more gentle for the days you're feeling tired but still need to move your body. Or maybe you want something more challenging on the days you have a lot of energy and are ready to get moving.

Whatever you choose,

you are going to feel great and get stronger!


ALL IN Workout + Grove Membership


The ALL IN Membership includes an All Access Workout Membership + A Grove Group Health Coaching Membership.

With this unique ALL IN Membership, you will be FULLY covered from WORKOUTS TO WELLNESS.

Each month your Grove Membership includes these LIVE sessions: Q&A with Lauren, Mat Class, and a Wellness Workshop to better equip you in stewarding your health. And you will also have access to a like-minded community that gives encouragement, support, and accountability through weekly check-ins and discussions.

We are ROOTING for you!


Anyone can do it. Everyone needs it.


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