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I completely understand walking through different seasons of life where you may need to change how you are taking care of yourself.

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Let me share SOLID ROOTS.

One-Time Purchase.

Lifetime Access.

A simple plan.

Essential exercise library.

It's JUST what you need.

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So what do you get with Solid Roots?


No more monthly subscriptions or complicated workout routines! With this one-time purchase, you will find everything you need for your workouts. Solid Roots offers a simple plan with simple exercises! You don't need an hour to get a workout in. You can use whatever amount of time you do have, even if its just 5 or 10 minutes, to get in a SOLID workout.


Solid Roots is so versatile, you can customize your workout routine to fit your needs and stay challenged without ever having to purchase another workout program. You will get access to 6 phasess of 6 meticulously-planned exercises in each phase. You will be able to cycle through the various phases and exercises in Solid Roots and never burn out, plateau, or get bored.


You want to take care of yourself without beating up your body with workouts that hurt but you want to be challenged and get stronger. Solid Roots is your answer! You can progress or modify the program to what best fits you. These essential exercises are a safe yet effective way to strengthen your body the way it was designed to function. You will get stronger and LOVE how you feel!

Get Solid Roots

Why Solid Roots is what you need...


In my 15 years of being a Pilates instructor - the biggest complaint I have heard from clients is...

"I am not getting workouts in as much as I want to."


Does this sound like YOU? 


I consistently hear that YOU aren't getting the workouts in that you want and that your body needs. Whether that's because life changes, gets busy, or just gets downright crazy.


This is why I have created SOLID ROOTS.


This ONE-TIME PURCHASE gets you LIFETIME ACCESS to a library of essential exercises and a simple plan so you can workout like you want to and need to!


If you workout at home and find that sometimes you just don't have time (or don't want to make time) for a full online workout class - this program is for you! Solid Roots gives you a simple workout routine that won't leave you feeling unchallenged - and you can do it in no time at all. You can customize your workout routine to fit your schedule, goals and ability. And the best part is that you can progress without ever having to pay for another fitness program!


Solid Roots gives you the tools to strengthen your body with essential functional exercises whenever, wherever you need.


If you are tired of paying for a workout subscription because you never do the workouts - Solid Roots is for you! No more subscriptions - just a one-time purchase that gives you lifetime access to what you need. You can do these essential exercises when and how you need to.


Steward your health with SOLID ROOTS.


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Normally Solid Roots is $227 but you can get lifetime access now for only $187!

Once you close out of this window you won't be able to find this discounted rate for my Solid Roots program.

Don't miss it - I know that Solid Roots can help you in whatever change of season of life you are in!

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