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Hey y'all! I'm Lauren!

ballet introduction lauren my story Sep 06, 2023
Let me introduce myself - I'm Lauren, an online Pilates Instructor and Christian Holistic Health Coach

I thought with a new website, so many new projects and new clients it would be perfect time for me to introduce myself...

First off ☝🏼...I am so glad you're here! I am honored to be even a small encouragement to you and thankful you would allow me share with you! 💚 🌿

So, how in the world did I become a Pilates instructor and homeschooling mama who loves Jesus and wants to encourage holistic health for every person because I know it will help you to feel so much better and enjoy the things that really matter in life?

There's gotta be a story there...

Growing Up

If you knew me growing up, you knew I basically lived at the dance studio. I loved ballet, jazz, pointe, tap - basically any type of dancing. I loved moving and the joy I felt from dance. I started dancing at the age of 3 and my training was pivotal in pointing me to this path I now call my career.

(click the photo to see more from my ballet years!)

(click here to see a video of some ballet barre work)

Movement Has Always Moved Me

My love of dancing led me to go to the University of Oklahoma to get my BFA in ballet pedagogy. I know, I're thinking..."What in the world is ballet pedagogy and how can you get a degree in ballet?!" or "Did you just dance all day?" HAH! I get these questions all the time and the answers are YES, I danced all day. And YES, you can get a degree in ballet. And ballet pedagogy is....the teaching of ballet. So, my degree trained me to teach very particular movement with a very particular purpose to each particular person I teach. I am beyond grateful for my training and for all that I learned during my 4 years at OU.

I didn't just learn how to teach people to move their bodies though.

My Own Introduction to Pilates

While I was in college, I was asked to take Pilates classes alongside my ballet classes to improve my technique and help strengthen my aching knees. And it was through my Pilates classes that I learned 3 things:

  1. The incredible design and function of the body
  2. How movement can strengthen or weaken this incredible design
  3. (and last but certainly not least) That Pilates strengthens the incredible design and proper function of the body in unique and super effective ways

I saw that you can do a simple movement like a plie with the wrong dynamic and get a completely different result and strain. I saw that you can do a difficult movement like a grand battement (high kick) using the wrong muscles and it completely changes your ability and height of the leg. I saw that when you have a weak or injured area of the body, that you can carefully strengthen the area, along with areas around it, and help relieve pain with targeted resistance training like Pilates.

Particular Purpose

Our bodies are so intricately and meticulously designed - we MUST care for them in intricate and meticulous ways. And in regards to movement - Pilates is THE best way to intricately and meticulously care for our bodies!

Shockingly, the constant pain I felt in my knees DISAPPEARED because of my Pilates training. And that was a HUGE deal for me because the pain was so bad that it used to wake me up in the middle of the night! I would wake up crying and my knees would just ache incessantly. But with careful attention through targeted Pilates exercises, the muscles around my knees were strengthened properly thus allowing the joints to be relieved of pain and tension!

And that's when I knew....

If you know me, you know that I am a VERY PARTICULAR person. 🙃 And since Pilates is a particular method of resistance training that helps care for the body in the particular way it needs, I knew it was a perfect fit for me to care for people with particular purpose!

Sharing the Love

If you know me, you also know that I am a very passionate person. Whatever I am doing - I throw my whole self into it and do it "full out" (as my high school cheer coach would say) to the best of my ability. So when I saw the difference Pilates made in my life - I had to share it. After I graduated from college, I was compelled to get my Pilates certification from an elite Pilates & Fitness brand and help other people move better and feel better.

I see teaching Pilates as one of my greatest purposes in life. I feel deeply called to help people care for their bodies in a gentle but highly effective way. You only have one body - let's take care of it together!

I will be sharing more of my story with Pilates in upcoming posts...stick around for more!

I wold LOVE to have you workout with me!

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