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The Power of Your Breath

benefits of pilates breathing motivation warm up Oct 28, 2023
Pilates breathing can change you

Most of you know that I teach monthly Wellness Workshops in my Grove Health Coaching Membership. My workshops are different each month and cover various aspects of health - from resistance training and fascia to stress management and detox. In each workshop I teach in-depth details but simple ways of how to best steward that particular aspect of health.

Every workshop is very different. And every workshop has different, simple action points that I encourage Grove Members to work on so that they can help further their health in attainable ways.

BUT...would you be surprised that in EVERY workshop, when I get to the part of sharing what Members can do to better steward that particular part of their health...there's always a common factor and common piece of encouragement!

Can you guess what that might be? What ONE action step is threaded through EVERY workshop I teach?!


→ It's breathing. ←



I bet you guessed this because of the title of my blog post - BUT - I bet you wouldn't have guess it would be connected to EVERY aspect of your health!

Let me explain...


The Power of Your Breath


Breathing can help you wake up and be ready for the day.

Breathing can help your brain think clearly.

Breathing can invigorate you and get you ready for a workout.

Breathing can allow your muscles, joints, fascia, bones, and every organ and cell function properly.

Breathing can help you press against outside force or resistance.

Breathing can help remove tension from your body.

Breathing can help strengthen the full length of muscles and the depths of each joint.

Breathing can help you keep tension where tension needs to be.

Breathing helps move lactic acid through muscles to remove soreness. 

Breathing can help shape your muscles in particular ways.

Breathing can stabilize your core and strengthen your abs.

Breathing can help your body endure stress (or stress from exercise) longer without as much strain.

Breathing can allow for nutrients to be absorbed and digested properly.

Breathing can help remove toxins and waste from your body.

Breathing can help reduce inflammation in your body.

Breathing can help you calm your nervous system to be able to respond and handle stress.

Breathing can help soothe a busy mind and focus you.

Breathing can help you get to sleep and sleep well. 




One Problem Though 


There's one caveat though - these things are ONLY true if you are PROPERLY breathing!

Because breathing can also be a detriment to all these things if you are not breathing well!



How do you know if you are breathing correctly? How do you know if your breath is giving you all of those benefits? ↑↑↑ Are you utilizing the power of your breathing for your workouts and just for normal daily life?


I Got You!


There are a billion ways you can breathe - but if you aren't using the Pilates breath - you will not experience all of the above benefits. You will sometimes even see the opposite side effects or end results.

I want EVERYONE to know and understand the Pilates breath. I always tell clients in their very first session with me that the most important thing they could learn for a SOLID FOUNDATION to their workouts and health is breathing!

So...I am offering you my free Breathing Session so that you can see how something completely free, very easy, simple, and quick can make a HUGE IMPACT on your health.


"Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it. Since we cannot live without breathing it is tragically deplorable to contemplate the millions and millions who have never mastered the art of correct breathing." 

-Joseph Pilates


Find the free breathing session HERE.



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