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Unique Benefits of Pilates

benefits of pilates pilates workout Oct 13, 2023
Pilates teaser exercise on a Stott Pilates mat in front of a green urban area

What makes Pilates so unique?

What are some of the benefits that distinguish it from other forms of exercise?


Here are 4 ways that Pilates is a BETTER way to workout:


1. Pilates strengthens ALL the muscles - little AND big, movers and stabilizers. Why should you care about that? Because you need all your little stabilizing muscles to be strong to help the bigger muscles move well and not get injured. And although a lot of visible “tone” will come through nutrition, as a side perk, it also comes through Pilates! Strengthening those little muscles is what gives you more muscle tone closer to your joints.



2. Pilates also strengthens the muscles in a LENGTHENED way. (This is my favorite part!!) The FULL LENGTH of the muscle gets stronger rather than just the big, bulky part of the muscle. This, in turn, strengthens the tendons, ligaments AND joints that the muscles attach to - making your whole body move better and feel better. (AND SIDE PERK: this also adds to your flexibility and mobility!) This is also why someone who does Pilates has a different shape to their muscles….where the term “long and lengthened” comes from.



3. Pilates strengthens your body FUNCTIONALLY (in ways you need for everyday functions). Meaning the exercises were created to strengthen the good design of how your body is *meant* to move rather than push against that design with harsh or wearing movement like from some other forms of exercise leading to injury or weaknesses. Strengthening the correct placement, dynamic and stability of the body creates fluid and efficient movement. No wear and tear needed. Useful strength. Necessary strength.



4. Additionally, I believe Pilates is healing to our nervous systems. So much stress is held in our bodies whether we realize it or not. Science shows that moving your body in these gentle but beneficial ways will help get your blood, lymph, and fascia moving thus helping soothe your nervous system, turning on your vagus nerve and parasympathetic system, reducing stress, strengthening your ability to deal with stress, and lighten the load you carry. Pilates is a powerful way to connect your body and mind!



Pilates gives you TRUE,

deep-rooted strength.



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