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Evaluating Your Health Holistically

holistic health motivation planning purpose workout Dec 31, 2023
Holistic Health Evaluation plant on notebooks and clipboard


Do you get overwhelmed when you think about evaluating your health? Does it seem like a complex task that seems impossible?


Let me help!


When you think about how so many things in your life are connected to your health - it's easy to get overwhelmed. SO I thought I would share with you the top 10 questions I ask my private clients to help evaluate their health and direct them where I see things that can be strengthened...


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Evaluating Your Health Holistically

  1. What does your daily life look like? (Activities, routines, occupation, lifestyle, schedule etc)
  2. What do you enjoy? What are you grateful for? Do you spend time regularly praying and being thankful?
  3. What is something that is a strain on you in life right now? What are some of the difficult things going on and how are you handling that stress?
  4. What does your current nutrition intake look like? (Common daily meals, foods, drinks, including water intake etc)
  5. What does your physical activity currently look like? What are you doing specifically for resistance training or cardio and how often/how long are your workouts for each?
  6. How often do you go outside? When during the day and how long are you typically outside when you go outside?
  7. Do you have regular time that you spend alone by yourself? What does this time looks like for you?
  8. Let's talk about sleep! What does your nighttime/bedtime/morning routine look like? How well do you sleep? How long do you typically sleep? Do you have a regular sleep/wake time?
  9. How do you find rest? Physically, emotionally and mentally? How are you currently caring for your rest needs?
  10. What would you say are the biggest health struggles for you?



If you find that you would like some help or support with any of these things - please reach out and set up a 1:1. I would love to hear about your life and health and help you find SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE ways to better steward your health.

Your health doesn't need to be overwhelming. And it doesn't need to take up so much of your time and energy that it becomes an obsession. Let me serve you by removing the overwhelm and obsession. I am ROOTING for you!


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