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How To Get Started (the right & best way!) With Workouts

getting started obstacles pilates planning workout Apr 21, 2024
Beginner Workout, How to Get Started, Owner of Olive Tree Pilates, Lauren Wilson, demonstrates a plank with hand weights

You're scrolling your phone and see a lady demonstrating an exercise...and you think to yourself....

"I should probably be doing this exercise."

"I don't look like her and if I do this exercise, I could look like her."

"I know I need to workout and this lady obviously knows what she is doing so I will do what she is doing."

"If this lady is doing this exercise then it has to be good for me."

Or any similar thought...

And you save the video.

You're hopeful that saving that video will move you towards the health you want and know you need.


Well, I have some bad news for you....and it's not what you think....

→ Workouts CANNOT be one size fits all! ❌ ❌ ❌  🚩 🚩 🚩


Generalized workouts = ineffective for YOU!


I see so many people make this mistake with their workouts and their health.

This is significant to understand and I don't want you to make the same mistake, so let me explain....


Where you're starting from matters.


Everyone is going to be starting from a different place and progressing in different ways....

YOU are the only one with YOUR body, YOUR life, and YOUR goals and needs!



Here are things that I encourage my clients to tailor their workouts to:

-your body type (i.e. ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph)

-your sleep habits (this is key to recovery!)

-your time, capacity & schedule (because if your plan doesn't match your capacity you won't follow through!)

-your stress levels & nervous system health (KEY factor to tailoring your workouts to what's best for you!)

-if you have digestive issues

-your hormones & cycle (an important way to care for yourself well and not push past how you were designed)

-your immune system function

-your blood pressure

-your age

-any injuries or weak areas (No pain no gain? I don't think so! You will further your injuries or weak areas if you don't pay attention to this. And in the opposite way, you can see immense progress in your strength if you tailor workouts to these things. Don't disregard the weak areas - they affect more than you know!)

-your recovery capability (recovery is just as important as the workouts!)

-your unique goals & desires (obviously necessary but hugely bypassed when it comes to workout plans!)


And all of these SHOULD affect your workout choices.



Observing where you are currently at should lead you to make tailored choices about:

  • when to workout (What time of day that is best for your body: morning, mid-day or later afternoon?)
  • number of workout days (Are you over-exercising or under-exercising because your basing your schedule on someone else's schedule like a gym or fitness classes?)
  • amount of total time per workout
  • amount of resistance
  • reps
  • modifications
  • etc. 

What could be really helpful in terms of weight or reps for one person, could be detrimental for another. What could be perfect for one person in terms of exercise focus and intensity, could be terrible for someone else.

Let's be's really easy to fall into the trap of just doing what you think you "should" be doing for workouts...the stereotypical way of thinking about workouts and health.

But we need to ask the question...


"Why don't HIIT, bootcamp or even fitness studio group workouts, 3-5 days a week, for an hour, with generalized exercises that bypass most individual physical needs/goals, focusing on the big muscles....actually WORK?!"


Unfortunately, the fitness industry capitalizes on generalizing their work (and also covering up the fact that they really don't know how to care for most of these unique, individual needs/goals for you). 

ANYONE can tell you to workout 3 days a week and do squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, lat pulls, bicep curls, and plenty of other generalized exercises.



You are WASTING YOUR TIME if your plan is to do generalized workouts.



I have some good news for you though!


Throughout my fitness career (starting as a personal trainer in a gym, then having taught Pilates to all types of clients with different needs since 2009), I have been able to learn and see what clients need and what type of uniquely tailored workout plans they need.


I have seen how tailoring each client's workout plan to their unique starting points can make their workouts 1000% more effective than just doing generalized workouts.



I know it might be overwhelming or confusing for you - so I'm here to help!


I have created a Workout Quiz for you so that I can offer you my expert recommendations on a CUSTOM Workout Plan that perfectly fits you, your life, your goals and your needs.

After you answer some questions about the different things that make you and your health needs unique, I will look it over and send you a PERSONALIZED & CUSTOM Workout Plan.

You matter. Where you're starting from matters. Let's make sure your workout plan is effective and that you're not wasting your time.


So where do you start? How do you start?


Let me help you get started (the right & best way)...

take the quiz HERE!



I wold LOVE to have you workout with me!

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