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Overcoming Obstacles: When Workouts Seem Like Drudgery

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Pilates is the best ab and core workout, instructor Lauren Wilson on mini ab ball

Have you ever felt like working out just isn't for you? Have you ever thought....that's nice for other people but it just isn't something that you want to do?

Or maybe you have tried working out before and it was terrible.

Does working out seem like drudgery to you? Not something that brings you joy?

An obligatory task that you aren't willing to give your time and energy towards?

I can completely understand how the stereotypical connotation of working out could lead you to feel this way and I want to share a few (really encouraging) things with you...



Let's start with the stereotypes.

What comes to your mind when you think of working out?

Sweating and a stinky gym? 🤢

Throwing tires and doing burpees? 😩

Hard, long workouts that you don't have time for? 😒

Exercises that make you so sore that you can barely walk or sit down? 😣



I don't want to have anything to do with these 👆🏼 things either!

(And believe me, I was a personal trainer for a while so I KNOW how stinky gyms can be!!)

If "workouts" make you feel like Lucy....I have great news for you... 



You shouldn't feel like you got run over by a truck because of a workout...

You shouldn't feel like you hate it and are obligated to do it...

You shouldn't have to be obsessed with fitness to take care of yourself well...

And you shouldn't be wasting your time doing incessant squats and burpees....



What's different about my workouts?

Here are 10 things that makes OTP a BETTER way to workout:

  1. Olive Tree workouts are a SIMPLE AND EASY workout. All you have to do is press play! You don't have to be overwhelmed with figuring out what exercises you need to do and you don't have to be obsessed with workouts in order to take care of yourself well. OTP workouts offer you step by step guidance. AND you won't be doing overly complicated movements that aren't beneficial for your body. In my Signature Method, I have taken every exercise that I would ever think someone needs to do and sifted through and ordered them to ensure you are offered a simple but highly effective progression of exercises without the unnecessary complications of traditional workouts.
  2. My workouts are INTENTIONAL - never random. Random workouts = random results and endless frustration. But choosing intentional movement will always lead to INTENTIONAL results. No more saving random workouts off the internet. No wasting time. Olive Tree workouts are efficient and effective.
  3. You will ENJOY Olive Tree Workouts! My clients often will share with me how my personable way of instructing and cueing helps them to feel like I am WITH them and they aren't alone in taking care of themselves. I do not "hype" you up or bark orders - no yelling or shouting. I am here to cheer you on - doing the workouts alongside you and having fun along the way. Your workouts should be enjoyable and that's one of my biggest purposes in how I teach! I am ROOTING for you! 
  4. Olive Tree workouts will make you STRONG. You NEED a strong body. If you want to live life with the people you love without the distraction of health issues - your body NEEDS to be strong. Resistance workouts help to (or should!) strengthen your muscles, fascia, joints, etc. and Pilates is the BEST method to do this because of its unique effectiveness. If you aren't strengthening your muscles with resistance workouts, you will LOSE your muscle mass because your body will break down and use the muscle tissue for energy (i.e. for stress, necessary energy output, etc.) which can make you feel ABSOLUTELY terrible. ðŸ˜– Don't do this to yourself! Giving a small portion of your time and energy to taking care of your body with resistance workouts will benefit you and your life and your loved ones in IMMENSE ways.
  5. My workouts strengthen your body FUNCTIONALLY (in ways you need for everyday functions). Meaning the exercises were created to strengthen the good design of how your body is *meant* to move rather than push against that design with harsh or wearing movement like from some other forms of exercise leading to injury or weaknesses. Strengthening the correct placement, dynamic and stability of the body creates fluid and efficient movement. No wear and tear needed. Useful strength. Necessary strength.
  6. Every Olive Tree workout strengthens ALL of the muscles - little AND big, movers and stabilizers. Why should you care about that? Because you need all your little stabilizing muscles to be strong to help the bigger muscles move well and not get injured. And although a lot of visible “tone” will come through nutrition, as a side perk, it also comes through Pilates! Strengthening those little muscles is what gives you more muscle tone near the end of each muscle, closer to your joints.
  7. Pilates strengthens the full length of each muscle. (This is my favorite part!!) Because of the unique dynamic of Pilates - the FULL LENGTH of the muscle fibers get stronger rather than just the big, bulky part of the muscle. This, in turn, strengthens the tendons, ligaments AND joints that the muscles attach to - making your whole body move better and feel better. (AND SIDE PERK: this also adds to your flexibility and mobility!) This is also why someone who does Pilates has a different shape to their muscles….where the term “long and lengthened” comes from.
  8. After EVERY Olive Tree Pilates workout, you will feel BETTER & BUILT UP - NOT worn down and worse. My workouts will leave you feeling so great. My Workout Members always tell me how much better they always feel after each workout. Your body will feel stronger and challenged. You will feel like you can breathe easier and stand taller. Your joints will feel more fluid. You will feel like you can do normal daily movement with better strength and ease. You will have more energy for your day and for your loved ones. And you will not have to question whether your workouts are effective or doing anything - you will feel and see the difference. My Signature Progressive Method is gentle but HIGHLY effective to build your strength incrementally. You will know your time and energy are not being wasted.
  9. You can START WHEREVER you are at no matter what your fitness level is. My programs offer a starting point for ANYONE to be able to do Pilates. No matter what limitations or capabilities you have. In my Foundational Membership - the first few workouts utilize a chair as a starting place to enable functional and essential movement and we work up from there. And my Intermediate Membership starts with the basics and principles as well allowing you to fully understand a better way to move, breathe, and get stronger (this is where most people start if you don't have severe movement restrictions). And we incrementally build on each phase of the workout to ensure your body is well taken care of and that you are progressing not plateauing. In EVERY workout - I offer modifications and variations to enable you to know how to do any of the exercises well in case you have any weak areas or injuries. Anyone can do my workouts.
  10. Last but certainly not least, I believe my workouts can be healing to our nervous systems. So much stress is held in our bodies whether we realize it or not. Science shows that moving your body in these gentle but beneficial ways will help get your blood, lymph, and fascia moving thus helping soothe your nervous system, turning on your vagus nerve and parasympathetic system, reducing stress, strengthening your ability to deal with stress, and lighten the load you carry. My workouts are a powerful way to connect your body and mind and give your body a big "exhale".



The things that make OTP unique are things you NEED. Your body NEEDS these things!

And Olive Tree workouts won't allow you to feel like taking care of yourself is drudgery - rather you will find that taking care of yourself can be a joyful part of your life!



And I am here to walk with you every step...


Come move with me.

Come take care of yourself with me.

You will feel better.

That's a promise!


I wold LOVE to have you workout with me!

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